Our Core Values

To give students the opportunities to learn from Mentors around the world
To nurture and develop their passion and bring it to fruition and help them succeed in their field of choice
To allow Mentors to pass down their legacy to the next generation  


We believe that with FollowTheMentor, students of all levels, beginners as well as advanced learners and professionals, will now have more control over their learning process and enjoy a more rewarding learning experience.

This is achieved by granting the students the flexibility to decide how often they want to learn a particular subject or train and hone their skills in a certain field, all in the comforts of their own home and at a time that is convenient for them. 

Students will now have the opportunity to upgrade their skill set and further their career with highly qualified and experienced mentors, if not masters, of their respective fields whom undoubtedly will provide invaluable insights and advice to them.

Our mission is to provide to many people out there more and better opportunities of high quality learning.